X Hero Mod APK 1.0.89 (No ads)

What is more satisfying than playing superhero games? There are a lot of action and RPG games dedicated to this topic. But if you’re looking for something different, you should play X Hero. This was recently released and it already has more than half a million downloads already.

Build your ultimate avengers’ team and climb the ranks in this marvelous game of superheroes. Each superhero has a corresponding rank and own superpowers. Assemble them in a fight against real players worldwide. You can also evolve and equip them with different items and powers in this game. There are tons of heroes you can summon as long as you get tickets. In this game, you don’t need to manually attack the opponents all the time. You can go AFK and you can still receive exp and rewards.

One of the Best Superhero Idle Games

A lot of people love superheroes. This is why production companies such as Marvel and DC thrive in the entertainment industry. They pump out a lot of comics, cartoons and movies on superheroes every year and millions of people love them. From Superman to Captain America, there are so many heroes that have been engraved into pop culture today.

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