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Welcome to Wacky Run, the ultimate obstacle race in 3D! Challenge other players in hundreds of insane levels!
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Sep 6, 2022
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Obstacle course racing games have been popularized these past few months. We see them all the time in the top charts as many people love playing them. But what if you combine hotdogs with obstacle racing games? The answer is that you’ll get a game called Wacky Run! This is a fun one dedicated to those who love to have fun and still win.

Endure grueling obstacles in this game as a hotdog and outrun other hotdogs now. In this funny game, you’ll face many dangers such as large knives, arrows, spinning blades, razors and many more. You can get chopped but you’ll regrow easily as long as you don’t get pushed out of the level! Outrace other hotdogs and go through challenging levels in this game now to earn rewards. What are you waiting for, be the best hotdog racer now!

Funniest Race Ever

When you just want to forget about a bad day, we play mobile games. But if you want something that’s stress-free and easy to play, you should try Wacky Run. This game was published by VOODOO who’s a well-known developer in the gaming world. In this game, you will be running as a hotdog with hands and legs through different obstacle courses. Use your finger and hold the screen to make your player run and stop as you wish.

Avoid obstacle courses such as spinning golf balls, large knives, spinning blades, bouncing soccer balls, razors and many more. Here, you can easily regrow your body parts as they’re cut to pieces. But you’re out of the race once you get completely demolished! Race against other hotdogs and get insane diamonds as your prize at the end. There are a lot of challenging levels to race from each with unique obstacles.

This funny game has all the funny facial expressions you will enjoy from the hotdogs. The hotdogs run in the silliest way possible as well to provide laughter to the player. More than that, you can enjoy a funny and entertaining race now.

Features of Wacky Run

Even though there are currently thousands of these obstacle course games available now, you mustn’t miss Wacky Run!

A Funny Obstacle Course Game

Are you a player who doesn’t back down from any race? In Wacky Run, you’ll play as a hotdog with miniature limbs and feet. Race through obstacles in a funny way and avoid getting smashed to pieces. At the end of each level, you’ll be greeted with diamonds in the stairs and a huge trophy at the end. Endure this game till the end for some funny adventures and scenes.

This game is a masterpiece even among similar games today. It has all the recipe for a disaster yet it’s such as fun game.

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Dodge Plenty of Obstacles

Like most obstacle course games today; you’ll need to dodge several obstacles throughout the game. These obstacles are designed to slice and squash you to pieces in the funniest ways possible. Struggle through numerous obstacles as you get your feet, body and even head cut off by huge blades swinging wildly. There are also other obstacles such as the huge knives, sinks, chainsaws, bars, and many more.

Play as a hotdog

This game is one of the funniest ones around that you can play today! It lets you run around as a hotdog with a silly run position. Go through a series of obstacles until you reach the end for some awesome rewards. There are also two other hotdog racers that will be your opponents in this game so you must not lose. Get plenty of rewards when you finish first and when you have your body intact.

Stimulating Levels

All the levels in this game were designed to get harder and harder. Each of them contains obstacles that are natural enemies of hotdogs. Don’t let yourself become chopped to pieces by dodging and stopping. Try this funny game out yourself and see how long you can keep your laughter in!

Authentic Graphics  

Wacky Run has one of the best graphics in an obstacle course ever. It features full 3D gameplay that you can enjoy.

Wacky Run Mod APK – No ads

Challenge other hotdogs in Wacky Run and win! Go through numerous obstacles designed to chop you off.

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