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There are plenty of casual games that are readily available to play right now. These are games that provide a quick and enjoyable fun time for anyone bored today.
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There are plenty of casual games that are readily available to play right now. These are games that provide a quick and enjoyable fun time for anyone bored today. What separates these games from your normal ones is that they don’t require many elements to be successful.

They just need to be extremely fun and addictive that people can’t stop playing it for hours. One successful game like this is called Ultralight Mod APK and it was published by Estelle.

In this game Ultralight APK, the only thing you need to do is to keep the light going for as long as you can by adjust the bars around it. Here, there’s a slight delay when you move the bar so that there’s a challenge in the game.

The challenge here is to figure out where the light will move to next so you must anticipate it. Here, you can unlock different background lights as you score higher and keeping the light in play. Can you beat the world record?

Keep the Light on

Do you love casual games where you can play it and not have any commitments? Too many games today allow us to invest heavily our resources, time and focus on it which can be a bit tiring. In the long run, these games will tire you out and you’ll start finding casual games to play instead.

So, if you’re here, there’s a huge chance that this is what happened to you. Thankfully, Ultralight is a game that you can enjoy right now! It’s an easy to play game that poses enough challenges to make it interesting for a long time. Here, the goal is to prevent the light from going out of the rectangle. So, you must block its path when it’s trying to escape by moving the 4 bars surrounding it.

But the challenge is that the bars will move with a delay so that you need to anticipate where the light will go next. Here, the light will move unpredictably which is the challenge. Enjoy unlocking many lights today as you cross certain score thresholds. The question is, can you beat the world record?

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Ultralight Mod APK

Ultralight Features

Have you ever played Flappy Bird? Ultralight is a similar game in terms of difficulty and addictiveness. Enjoy it now while it lasts.

A Simply Addictive Game

There are thousands of mobile games that are available to download and enjoy today. The mobile gaming world is mostly run by battle royale games, puzzles, action, horror and simulation games. But this time, you can enjoy a truly casual game that will give you an enjoyable time.

Ultralight is a minimalist casual game that lets you play as long as you can possibly hold. You just need to keep the light in play by blocking its path of escape here. But this isn’t going to be easy as you need to predict where the light will go which doesn’t obey the laws of physics always.

So, you need to be vigilant and quick enough to move the tabs on the side so they will block the light. This is because there’s a delay when you move the bars. This makes it extremely hard especially when you play it as long. If you think you can beat the high score, try it now!

Move the bars

This game doesn’t feature any fancy elements or features. It’s a truly minimalistic game that requires you to move the bars in order to block the path of escape of the light. Here, there are 4 bars on each side which consists of a rectangle shape.

Then, the light will start from the middle and will continue to bounce off the bars until it escapes. Your job is to move the bars such that it will block the path of the light so it won’t escape. This is easier said than done since the light doesn’t always move according to the laws of physics. It’s up to your imagination and quick reflexes now so you can block the light. Can you do it?

Ultralight Mod APK

Beat records

In Ultralight Mod APK, you can set up your own records. At first, you’ll need a little time to get used to the controls and the mechanics. But after that, you can then start setting records. But you can also go for world records!

Unique graphics

The graphics of this game is simple enough. The neon design is great and the background color changes every once in a while.

Download Ultralight APK Mod – Latest version

Can you beat your high score in Ultralight? Don’t let the light escape the rectangle now.


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