Ultralight Mod APK 1.02 (No ads)

There are plenty of casual games that are readily available to play right now. These are games that provide a quick and enjoyable fun time for anyone bored today. What separates these games from your normal ones is that they don’t require many elements to be successful. They just need to be extremely fun and addictive that people can’t stop playing it for hours. One successful game like this is called Ultralight and it was published by Estelle.

In this game, the only thing you need to do is to keep the light going for as long as you can by adjust the bars around it. Here, there’s a slight delay when you move the bar so that there’s a challenge in the game. The challenge here is to figure out where the light will move to next so you must anticipate it. Here, you can unlock different background lights as you score higher and keeping the light in play. Can you beat the world record?

Download Ultralight APK Mod – Latest version

Can you beat your high score in Ultralight? Don’t let the light escape the rectangle now.

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