Tower Run Mod APK 1.20 (Unlimited Money)

Arcade games are always popular. They are family-friendly, quick and easy to play. It’s no wonder that it’s one of the most popular genres in the mobile gaming world. But with so many games being released left and right on this genre, which ones should you play?

Tower Run is an arcade game from VOODOO. It’s a relatively new game but it has over 5 million downloads already. This is expected since the game is about creating a human tower and making it the highest. It sounds silly but it’s enough to take your worries away. This game is so addictive that you’ll spend a whole day just clearing all the levels! If you want to learn more, read on!

What is Tower Run?

Hyper casual games are games that are easy enough to play but still presents some challenges. These games are a delight to play since they don’t require too much effort on the part of players. And for the developers, they don’t need to spend as much time and money in creating these games. This is why there are plenty of games on this category.

Arcade games such as Tower Run is a popular arcade game that has over 5 million downloads in Google Play Store. It was developed by VOODOO which are the ones responsible for other popular games such as Spiral Roll, Knock’em All and Draw Climber. You’ll notice that all these games are simple in content but extremely effective. That’s the charm of Tower Run, it will make you addicted to it the moment you start playing it! Read on below to learn more!

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