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It's wartime!
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Aug 30, 2022
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One of the awesome games is Tiny Kingdom Mod Apk. This game was developed by IEC Games and it already have more than 500 thousand downloads in Google Play Store! In this game, you will buy and upgrade soldiers and deploy them at the right time to battle. There are lot of ways a war can go so you need to be prepared for anything! Read on if you want to know more.

Wars have always been a terrible part of our history. We wish we wouldn’t have to experience them, but sometimes they are inevitable. Thankfully, they are not only part of our history books. But we can learn a lot from them and these would mold our futures. Because of that, plenty of movies, tv shows and even games have been made depicting wars.

What is Tiny Kingdom Mod Apk?

Although most kingdoms have ceased to exist or are modernized today, they are still depicted in a lot of movies, shows and even games. If done correctly, they are an amusing way to spend your time. And if you love cute things and kingdoms, you’ll surely love this game!

Tiny Kingdom is a casual game about raising a massive army to defeat the enemy kingdom. In this game, you need to build a strong army to defend your kingdom from outside forces trying to invade you. You just need to fight the enemy to win rewards! That’s how simple and addicting this game is. You don’t need complex controls or gameplay, all that matters is the unique gameplay this game offers. If you’re curious, read on!

Features of Tiny Kingdom

Tiny Kingdom is a unique war game that involves cute characters that you need to raise to defend your kingdom. Aside from that, there are plenty of things to expect in this game. Here are its features:

Automatic fighting

If you’re familiar with idle games, then you’d love this game! In this one, you just need to deploy your troops to fight the other kingdom. You don’t need to do anything else! Just deploy them and they will automatically fight every last enemy soldier. This is the beauty of Tiny Kingdom, you don’t need to needlessly fight. Think of yourself as the commander or the king who will only issue orders.

Epic graphics

The graphics of Tiny Kingdom, the graphics are superb and they are designed with convenience in mind. In this game, the animations are smooth and fluid, you don’t need to worry about pixelated graphics or weak designs. Even if the soldiers don’t have a face, it doesn’t matter because you’re just going to play on the top view anyway. But there aren’t just soldiers in this game, there are also mythical creatures such as dragons! Yes, you read that right, everything is well-designed so you will don’t need to worry a thing.


The beauty of this game is that you can upgrade your soldiers as long as you have sufficient gold! You can upgrade them into stronger characters and you can also add to their numbers. The most important thing is to annihilate the enemy. Keep upgrading because as you progress, you’ll face stronger enemies. But as long as you keep upgrading your own forces, you can keep up.

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Strategic gameplay

In this game, strategy matters the most. It doesn’t matter how many and how strong your forces are if you don’t use them correctly, they’ll die! You need to think about when is the right time to deploy them so you can maximize them.

Easy controls

In this game, the controls are easy. You don’t need to do anything else aside from deploying your troops using the buttons!

Download Tiny Kingdom Mod APK – Unlimited money

Tiny Kingdom is an epic war game that will make you addicted to it! Download the unlimited money mod now and enjoy countless soldiers!

What's new

- Fix Bugs.
- Improve Perfomance.



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