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One of the best dating simulation games today is Time Only Knows Mod Apk. In this one, you’ve been brought to the hospital.
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Sep 28, 2022
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One of the best dating simulation games today is Time Only Knows Mod Apk. In this one, you’ve been brought to the hospital after apparently trying to end your life. Thankfully, you’re fine but your suffering from amnesia. You don’t have a single clue on what your name is and the reason why you attempted to commit suicide. Thankfully, Doctor Keito has performed a special treatment on you which allows you to fully regain your memories in 3 hours. Can you survive this game and come out with a girlfriend?

There have been a lot of dating apps over the past years. There are popular ones such as The Sims and other games as well. These games are always unique and they involve a lot of drama, romance and some action as well. Although there’s not much else to do, the story is what hooks a lot of players in here.

What is Time Only Knows?

If you’re an avid player of dating simulation games, then you’ll know that these ones are so interesting. They are pretty much the same when it comes to gameplay yet they offer interesting stories.

In Time Only Knows, you wake up in a hospital after apparently trying to kill yourself. The worst part is, you don’t know who you are and why you tried to do such a thing. The only good thing that came out of this is that Doctor Keiko has done a special treatment to you wherein you will regain your memories in 3 hours. However, things start to go crazy as you’re approached by 3 girls claiming to be your girlfriend! Can you come out of this situation happy?

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Interesting Features of Time Only Knows

When it comes to dating simulation games, the story always captures everyone’s hearts. Even though there’s not much to do in this game, they have their own charm which makes them popular for a lot of people. Here are the features of Time Only Knows:

Interesting story

In Time Only Knows, you wake up in a hospital not remembering anything. But apparently, you tried to commit suicide! There are a lot of mysteries surrounding your recovery but thankfully, you have Doctor Keika. She says that you will fully recover within 3 hours. But to make matters worse, there are suddenly 3 girls claiming to be your girlfriend! It’s obvious that the two among them are lying. But why would they do so if they knew that you’d regain your memories within 3 hours? Because of that, you decide to talk to the 3 girls. But as you do, you suddenly receive a message that says not to trust Chirol Saotome.

Amazing Characters

This amazing game wouldn’t be complete without the cast of characters. In this one, there are 3 main girls claiming to be Chirol Saotome. However, they’re all distinguishable from each other. One is a cheerleader, the other has pigtails and the last one has black hair. The first girl that claims to be Chirol Saotome is an energetic cheerleader. She says that you started dating 3 months ago when you were his tutor. The second girl is a flirty one which likes a lot of sexual intimacies. She seems like an airhead but is actually smart. Then, the last one is a shy girl that came from a rich family. All of them claims to be your lover after you became their tutor. Who’s telling the truth?


This game is more of a puzzle one than just a simulation. You will follow the story but you need to make choices as well. Choose wisely because you could end up with the wrong girl!

HD Graphics

The graphics in Time Only Knows is a masterpiece. The characters, backgrounds and other elements all come together to create a stunning game.

Time Only Knows Mod APK – Free Premium Choices

Time Only Knows is an incredible dating simulation game. Download the latest version and pick your girl!

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