The Lost Fate of the Oni Mod APK 2.1.10 (No ads)

Your life takes a mysterious turn when you download The Lost Fate of the Oni for Android. In this mobile dating simulator, you live within the walls of a mansion with your father. There is but one rule, “Never leave the outside of the mansion”. Is this for your own protection? Perhaps so…

One day, you are taken away by three demons who are in search for a mysterious artifact known as the Hallowed Treasure. This is said to grant any wish that the owner may have and request.

As you continue through the story of the game, you are put into differing scenarios. The choices you make will determine long-term outcomes. So, you’ll need to think through all of your options and take your time to decide what’s right.

The Lost Fate of the Oni Mod APK Free Download

Make various choices and enjoy some whole-hearted moments within the game. There are many different kinks within the story to keep you interested. What could be the secret behind the Hallowed Treasure? Download The Lost Fate of the Oni Mod APK Latest Version free for Android to figure that out for yourself.

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