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Battle against other players at your own pace in this free-to-play chill auto battler.
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Team Wood Games
Sep 14, 2022
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There are a lot of awesome games today that you can enjoy for free. If you’re someone who loves playing with animals, you can enjoy many games today. Many games feature cute pets right now that you can enjoy if you’re a pet lover. If you want to see pets fight, you can download Super Auto Pets Apk Mod right now and enjoy!

This game from Team Wood Games lets you enjoy a strategy involving pets. You can collect your team of cute animals as you can roll the dice and fight against other animals. In this game, each animal has different abilities that they can use in battle. So, it would help if you were selective when choosing the best animals for your team. You can also stack the same animals to increase their stats. This is a fun game where you can fight in the Arena Mode and Versus mode!

Cute Pet Strategy Game

If you’re someone who loves playing games that challenges you, then there are many of them right now. There are a lot of fun strategy games that you can download and enjoy. You can find the best strategy games to download right now in Google Play Store as they’re free.

You can have fun with many games in the strategy genre, which lets you think as you play. In Super Auto Pets, you can battle using cute pets as you collect the best in your team.

In this game, you’re able to battle using cute pets such as the turtle, sheep, tiger, beaver, rhinoceros, goat, and many more. You can enjoy each one as they have different skills that you can use in battle.

You can then let things play out and see if you can win against real players. There’s the Arena mode where you can play in asynchronous matches. But if you like more challenges, you can try the Versus Mode, where you can fight in real-time.

Enjoy the most sophisticated animal battle game today! Use your pets to win.

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Super Auto Pets Highlights

If you’re a fan of games that involves pets, then you can download Super Auto Pets today!

Enjoyable auto battler

If you enjoy playing cute games, there are many casual games to enjoy. There are also a lot of fighting games right now that you can enjoy for free.

These games let you have fun as you create the best experience fighting today. But have you ever wanted a fighting game that features cute pets as the characters? You don’t usually see this, but it’s in Super Auto Pets!

This fun game enables you to fight using strategies and cute pets. Each pet is cute and has different stats and effects that you can use in battle. In this game, you’ll randomly be given pets, and you must use the ones you think will work well in your team.

Here, you can fight against real opponents in Arena Mode, where the goal is to get ten wins. Or you can enjoy the Versus mode as you fight against other players today. Can you win using your wits and cute pets?

Fun pets to collect

Many mobile games today feature cute pets as characters. But in Super Auto Pets, you can not only collect pets, but you can also battle with them. In each match, you’ll be given a dice that you can roll to receive different types of animals.

These include a dog, snail, crab, raccoon, duck, camel, mouse, tiger, sheep, turtle, beaver, and many more. Each animal has unique skills that will be useful for different purposes. Your job is to figure out the best team composition so you can face tough opponents!

Fight in Arena and Versus mode

In Super Auto Pets, you can play in the Arena Mode, where the goal is to fight and win ten matches so you can enjoy many rewards. These are asynchronous matches which means you can decide which pets to include in the team.

Then, there’s the Versus Mode, where you can fight against one player in real-time. There are many players worldwide that you can face in this game! Try to enjoy it now while it’s free.

Colorful graphics

In Super Auto Pets, you can enjoy the colorful graphics that the game provides. Everything is well-designed, and you can have fun with so many things here.

Download Super Auto Pets APK Mod – Latest version

If you love fighting using cute pets, download Super Auto Pets right now and enjoy an auto battler!

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