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Sep 13, 2022
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In this anime-style RPG, you will control your own spinning top and pit against others in arena battles. Collect, level, customize, and battle your top to the top of the pecking order. Download Spiral Warrior Mod Apk for Android now.

Playing Spiral Warrior

Tap and hold onto your Top. Pulling back will prepare your weapon for launch. Make sure to aim in the right direction you wish to be placed. Additionally, control the strength of your launch to ensure maximum speeds.

Once you’ve been launched it’s a battle of abilities. You can attack your opponent with the basic attacks of your top. Eventually, you can unleash the special attack of your Top to completely decimate your opponent from the dome.

Game Modes:

Super Championship

Here you can challenge players of the same skill and abilities as you. The key to victory here is to exploit their weaknesses and build you Top with that in mind. Outmaneuver your opponents at all costs and reign as the supreme king of the Tops.

Survival Mode

The survival mode has you playing against 81 players total. Battles are conducted in a 1v1v1 fashion. 3 Players come in, and only one will remain on the field. Who will it be? Make sure to pick your best and well-rounded Tops for this mode. You’ll have to run through waves of rivals and enemies with no breaks, so be prepared for everything.

Adventure Mode

Play through the basic story of the game. Here, there are many different challenges that await you. Now, you’ll need to uncover many different secrets and play through some tough challenges. Do you have what it takes? Prepare yourself and good luck.

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Spiral Warrior Features

When playing the game, there are a ton of features that you will notice that keep you playing for longer. And, without these additions, this would just be another boring game on the Play Store.

Anyways, here you can read and reap all of the features and benefits of Spiral Warrior for Android:

  • Spinning Top Game: Spiral Warriors takes inspiration from everyone’s favorite spinning top battle franchise – BeyBlade. As such, players will pit their spinning tops against each other in an epic all-or-nothing brawl between high speed devices. Collect different Tops, upgrade, customize and battle against player from around the globe.
  • Physics Based Gameplay: The game also takes real-life physics into account. Therefore, every action from your Top is directly affecting by all outside elements. Make sure to take everything into account when playing the game.
  • Combine Different Parts: Similar to BeyBlade, one key aspect of the game is to collect add different part combinations together. Each Top has three main components: The Battle Cap, the Weight Rings, and the Drivers.

Each of the parts has varying stats and abilities that directly affect your Tops performance. So, make sure to mix and match depending on the strategy you wish to accomplish.

  • Fast Paced and Fun Gameplay: The game is also super-fast paced and always remaining exciting. The controls and interface are also smooth and seamless. Every battle is played at top speeds. One small move could lead to the defeat of you or your opponent. To this extent, matches may last up to 30 seconds or even as quick as the first 5 seconds.

Download Spiral Warrior Mod Mod APK For Android – Unlimited Money

Download the Spiral Warrior Mod APK latest version for a few additional benefits. When choosing this version, you will get:

  • Unlimited money

Use this to claim all of you Top parts as soon as possible. This head start is more than enough reason to choose this version over the original.

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