Slice them All 3D Mod APK 1.59 (Unlimited money)

Are you looking for a fun lighthearted game that won’t take up too much time? You know, something that can be enjoyed for a few minutes a day, but still feels satisfying. This is exactly the type of game you’ll want to play.

Download Slice Them All 3D for Android. You’ll have a blast carving into anything that comes into your line of sight.

How to Play

Your objective is an apparent one – make it to the end of a level, while avoiding death. You’ll also have a laser gun by your side to cut through everything like butter.

The game begins with a sign telling you to “Slice Them All”. Everything in this game can be sliced and diced into pieces, including this sign. You will be on an automated path to get through the various obstacles and reach your goal. Along the way, there will be a ton of robotic goons attempting to stop you from proceeding.

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