Scribble Rider Mod APK 1.980 (Unlimited money)

Play a fun and interactive racing game, where you control the shape of your wheels. Try your best to control how you ride through various obstacles and claim first place. Download Scribble Rider for Android mobile devices now.

How to Play Scribble Rider

Playing the Scribble Rider game is fairly easy to understand. Simply, you will need to pass each obstacle course and reach the goal before your opponent. However, there is one catch – you’ll need to draw your own set of wheels.

That’s correct – each course is designed to give you problems and hinder your ability to drive. Thus, you’ll need to create some odd tires and designs in order to progress.

The obstacles are not only limited to the land either. These tracks will have your racer take on the ocean surface as well. Regular circular wheels won’t be of any use in this situation. Thus, you’ll need to create some unorthodox shapes and patterns to swiftly navigate your obstacles.

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