Quest of Lost Memories Mod APK v3.0.20 (Unlimited money)

In Quest of Lost Memories mod apk, you'll be amazed by the storyline and the great graphics. Download now to enjoy!
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Sep 22, 2022
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There are many dating simulation games that we can enjoy right now. The market is filled with amazing games that allow you to do anything you want. Simulation games are popular right now since they offer many choices for the players regarding the partners they can get. The storylines are also unique usually as you’ll be drawn to them. In Quest of Lost Memories mod apk, you’ll be amazed by the storyline and the great graphics.

This simulation game is a bit different from your usual ones as you’ll wake up in a virtual reality game here. You have no memories of how you got here, and you must now work with others to get out.

There’s a virus killing everyone in real life, so you will work with others to destroy the source. Here, you’re a healer, and you have a unique weapon in you. You can enjoy spending time with other gorgeous players here!

A Virtual Reality MMORPG Simulation

If you’re a fan of dating simulation games, you can have fun with so many of them right now. Today is a time to enjoy these games to have fun with the unique story and the characters.

These games allow you to choose your responses and actions so the ending can be unique. But with so many simulation games to choose from today, you’ll want to download Quest of Lost Memories!

A game from Genius Inc, this one promises high-octane action scenes and romantic ones as well. Here, you’ll wake up in the virtual reality game that you’ve been playing, but you have no memories of the past. Here, you’re a healer with a unique weapon and skills.

There’s a virus currently killing players in the real world, so you decided to help others save them. You’ll then go on countless quests to find the source with the help of three incredible players

Here, you’ll meet Rhen, XXarus, and Aris and you’ll spend a lot of time with them. Who knows, you might even develop your feelings with them!

Like above game you can also check Poly Bridge 2 Mod Apk. and get it from Google store. If you like simulation games you can also play Streamer Life Simulator Mod Apk.

Features of Quest of Lost Memories

Quest of Lost Memories is a must-play today if you’re a fan of dating simulation games.

Enter the Virtual Reality game

There are tons of incredible simulation games right now. The simulation genre is one of the most popular among gamers since they allow you to do anything you want. These games usually present a unique premise and storyline for the players to enjoy in which you’ll be sucked in.

If you’re in love with unique scenarios, then you’ll most definitely have fun in Quest of Lost Memories. This is a game where you’ll play in the virtual reality game, and you’ll save the world!

Here, you’ll wake up with no memories of your past, but you discovered that you’re a healer. You’re armed with a one-of-a-kind weapon here and some skills that will prove to be helpful.

This is because there’s a virus in the real world that’s killing many players today. You must work together with others such as Arise, Rhen, and Xarus to save the world. In the process, you’ll develop some feelings for these players as well!

Spend time with the characters

The simulation genre brings many elements to the table. You can have fun with these games since they’re not too boring or too hard to play. In Quest of Lost Memories, you’ll be able to spend time with characters that were meticulously crafted.

There’s Xarus, who’s a courageous warrior and the party’s tank. As a tank, he can be brash at times since he doesn’t want any weaknesses. Then, Rhen is more mysterious than anyone and one of the most dependable ones.

Lastly, there’s Arise, who’s the charming guy among the three. He’s popular with the women, and he seems to be good-natured as well. In this game, you’ll spend a lot of time with each character as part of the story. In the end, you’ll be the one to decide who you’re going to choose!

Choose your responses

In this game, you’re free to choose what your answers would be. There are a lot of scenarios here where you’ll need to make decisions and responses.

Depending on what you want to do, you’ll see unique endings. This is a game that gives complete freedom to the players to choose the guy they want to be with!

Great storyline

Quest of Lost Memories shies away from the cliché storyline in usual dating simulation games. Enjoy the most action-packed dating simulation game now. 

Download Quest of Lost Memories Mod APK – Unlimited money

In Quest of Lost Memories, you’ll be playing a virtual reality MMORPG where you’ll save the world!

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