Pusher 3D Mod APK 1.8 (Unlimited money)

Have you ever participated in a tug of war? It’s a game where two teams compete to get the other in their domain by pulling the rope. The team that crosses the line in the middle loses! It’s a battle of strength and quick thinking as teams will need every ounce of their strength. Pusher 3D features a similar concept but with a unique gameplay in which you’ll push the other team to the edge!

Here, the more people you put in the battlefield, the bigger and stronger they will be. Your men will refresh in different times depending on the levels and you can enjoy a fun gameplay! Here, you will need to outpower the other team to win. There are plenty of levels to complete and there are going to be more bridges as you go. Enjoy trying to compete against stronger opponents now by putting all your men!

Download Pusher 3D Mod APK – latest version

Pusher 3D is an amazing game that lets you fight against plenty of opponents in a battle of strength.

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