Poly Bridge 2 Mod APK 1.46 (Unlimited Money)

New levels, new mechanics, a custom physics engine, and much more! Rediscover your engineering creativity with even more hours of puzzling fun!
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Oct 13, 2022
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If you love building things, then there are many games that you can enjoy right now. There are games like Fortnite, Minecraft, Roblox and many more that allows you to create various things. These games are extremely popular especially for kids today.

But if you love bridges and creating, then Poly Bridge 2 Mod Apk is the best game to play right now for you. This was published by Dry Cactus Limited and it’s the second installment to the popular franchise!

Here, the concept of the game is simple which is to build a suitable bridge that allows the vehicle to cross. It’s a physics-based game that allows you to enjoy building using various mechanisms, materials and your imagination.

Here, you can enjoy many levels today that have different angles and requirements. You must use your limited budget in order to create a bridge that will allow the vehicle to cross safely. Even if you can’t figure it out the first time, you can always try!

Poly Bridge 2 Mod Apk

Name Poly Bridge 2
Package com.drycactus.polybridge2
Developer Dry Cactuc Limited
Size 49MB
Version 1.46
Catagory Simulation
Mod Feature Unlimited Money
Android requirement 6.0 or up
Last Updated Oct 13, 2022

Create Bridges in Poly Bridge 2 Game

Bridges are engineering marvels that were first created back in 13th century. Today, it connects different lands which allows many people to go to different places easily. Without bridges, transportation would be impractical, slow and more hassle.

But with these bridges around, we can essentially go to different lands that are separated by huge bodies of water. At first glance, building a bridge may be an impossible feat, but if you know the principle behind it, you can easily create one!

Poly Bridge 2 Mod Apk

Although it may be difficult to create a bridge in real life unless you’re an engineer, you can easily do so in Poly Bridge 2. This game requires you to create a bridge that will allow it to support the vehicle that needs to pass.

As you know, there are different types of bridges that you can build but you must also know physics well. In this game, you’ll face different levels that require different types of bridges and designs. You can use your imagination but the challenge lies in the limited budget!

Here, you can enjoy 13 new tracks plus the original ones from the first game. There are also plenty of enjoyable background sounds.

If you like the above game you would also love to try Poly Bridge 2 Mod Apk and you can also download it from play store. Moreover, for more simulation fun check out Streamer Life Simulator Mod Apk.

Poly Bridge 2 Apk Features

Bridges are some of the most important engineering inventions today. In Poly Bridge 2, you can try your best to create them!

Build Bridges

If you’ve seen many bridges today, then that’s the result of many years of hard work and marvel engineering. Bridges are more than just roads that connects two lands but they symbolize unity, connectivity and family.

Today, there are many bridges being destroyed and created every day. So, if you want to try your hand at this, download Poly Bridge 2 now. In this game, you can enjoy creating various bridges that will allow vehicles to pass through.

This is a simulation game that allows you to become imaginative and to express your creativity. But you also need to keep in mind the physics and various aspects such as materials. Here, you can use different materials such as stone, wood, metal and many more.

You’ll be in charge of the design of the bridge but you’ll only be given a limited budget per level. You must then use everything you can to make sure that the vehicles pass through.

Poly Bridge 2 Mod

Different Levels

If you think you have what it takes to create incredible bridges, download this game now. Here, you can enjoy creating various bridges in different levels. Here, there are 13 new levels that you can enjoy plus 18 levels from the original game. You can then enjoy different challenges that will force you to become accurate, creative and intuitive. This is a game that tests your engineering skills and smarts to create the best bridges.

Poly Bridge 2 Apk

Various Materials to use

In this game, you’ll be able to use a variety of materials to create the bridges. You can use materials like stone, hydraulics, wood, metal slabs and many more. Each of these materials have their own uses and you must also take into account the cost per material that you’re going to use. Then, you’ll also enjoy the accurate drawing board here where you can build the bridge. Here, you can enjoy the accuracy of the details today.

Poly Bridge 2 Mod Apk

Engaging graphics and controls

This game has an elegant design that you will enjoy. When you’re constructing the bridge, you’ll see a graph that will allow you to accurately construct the bridge. Then, you’ll be able to easily create the bridge that you want today using simple controls.

Download Poly Bridge 2 Mod APK – Unlimited money

If you’re someone who loves creating bridges, then Poly Bridge 2 is the game for you! Enjoy creating various bridges now.


Games are fun to play but they are better with mod features added. Download Poly Bridge 2 Mod Apk to have endless fun.

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