Plunger Hero Mod APK 1.8.0 (No ads)

We use plungers in our regular lives especially in our comfort rooms. These handy tools can fix any clogged toilets and other areas today. There’s also plenty of fun casual games that you can enjoy playing today which doesn’t let you focus as hard. So, if you want to be a hero, you should play Plunger Hero and enjoy shooting your plunger in various enemies. The enemies are chained together and you can take them apart easily!

Published by VOODOO, this is a crazy game that takes plungers way too seriously. In this funny game, you’ll use a bow equipped with plungers as the arrows to take down various enemies. The enemies are chunk of balls that you can tear apart using your plungers. Enjoy plenty of levels and plenty of fun today and get many rewards as you complete them. This is a fun 3D game to pass your time!

Plunge Them Out

There are many fun shooting games that are fun to play right now. If you’re a fan of shooting games, then you must have played a lot of battle royale games by now. But sometimes, these can be a little too tedious to play especially since you’ll need incredible focus and reflexes every time. If you don’t want to play serious games, then it’s time to download Plunger Hero. This is a fun and silly one that lets you enjoy plungers to the max!

Instead of the usual bow and arrow, here you’ll use plungers as weapons as they can stretch and take apart the enemies’ limb by limb. The enemies here are clunk of balls that you can easily break by using your plunger in the different parts of their body. This is a fun game that lets you play a variety of challenging levels today with different enemies. You just need to aim perfectly and then shoot and watch as your plunger does all the world today! Enjoy a totally funny and enjoyable casual game in full 3D right now.

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