Pencil Rush 3D Mod APK v0.8.19 (Free upgrade, no ads)

This world needs a little color! Don’t you think? That’s why it’s time to liven things up in Pencil Rush 3D!
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Sep 14, 2022
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Are you a fan of casual games? How about some games such as Pencil Rush 3D Mod Apk? This new game allows you to run through obstacles by collecting colored pencils scattered on the ground. Then, there are many objects that will hinder you such as plants, cameras, glass walls, books and many more. At the end of the level, you’ll need to paint a picture using your colored pencils.

Created by Gismart, this game is a fun one wherein you’ll need to run different obstacle courses as you collect many colored pencils. The more you collect, the better! Of course, there will be a lot of obstacles on the way such as colored walls, books, paints, notebooks, pins and many more. This is a fun casual game you can play a lot on your spare time!

Play as Colored Pencils

Are you interested in racing and obstacle courses games? If so, then you may have played a lot by now since there are a lot of available ones to play. But if not, then it’s time to play Pencil Rush 3D! Here, you won’t race as an avatar rather as a colored pencil. Then, you’ll trace and race your way in many fun obstacle course levels that the game has prepared for you.

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You will also need to pick up the colored pencil along the way to add to your collection. In doing so, you can go over certain obstacles! The point is as long as you have a color pencil in you, you won’t lose. But you need to make it to the finish line fast and finish the painting to receive incredible rewards. There are many fun things to look forward to in this game.

Pencil Rush 3D Capabilities

Excited to try a brand-new obstacle course game? Download Pencil Rush 3D today and expect the following things.

A Unique Racing Concept

When we say the word racing, we usually associate it with cars and people running. This is the same with Android games as popular games about racing are always like this. But if you’re looking for a fresh game that involves obstacle courses, then it’s time to download Pencil Rush 3D. Like many unique obstacle course racing games today, this one presents a unique style. You’ll race as a colored pencil! There’s a path filled with obstacles such as mugs, paint brushes, books, pots, and many pencils along the way. Pick them up so you can have a lot of colored pencils at the end. At the end, you will paint a picture that the game has prepared using your colored pencils to unlock rewards.

What's new

It’s our newest update:
- Cool new levels and effect
- Bug fixes than make gaming so smooth
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