Oh My Yokai Mod APK 2.1.10 (Free premium choice)

At this point, you may have already played a lot of dating simulation games. This is true especially since there are a ton of them free to play right now. But what if you’re keen on playing something unique but has the same mechanics. In Oh My Yokai, you get to enter an academy called Fumikashi as you hesitantly accept the acceptance letter from them. Then, as you go there, you’re in shock as you discover something you didn’t expect!

If you didn’t know, yokai is a Japanese term that refers to supernatural monsters and spirits in Japanese folklore. In this game, you’re going to meet 3 beautiful yokai girls who studies at the same school. Their names are Misuzu, Mio and Ayame. They all have their own circumstances and are unique in terms of visuals and personalities.

Oh My Yokai Mod APK – Free premium choice

Do you want to attend a school full of strange creatures? Download Oh My Yokai now and get to know the yokai students.

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