Nexomon Extinction Mod APK v2.0.1 (Unlocked Full Version) 2022

With Nexomon Extinction mod apk, you’re able to have fun collecting monsters and using them to fight others.
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Sep 22, 2022
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Many RPG games are available today. If you’re someone who enjoys these games, there are plenty of them available that you can download. If you’re someone who enjoys Pokémon-like games, there are so many games that you can download. You’re able to have fun with these games as you can collect various monsters to fight. With Nexomon Extinction mod apk, you’re able to have fun collecting monsters and using them to fight others.

In this game from VEWO Interactive, you can enjoy an RPG game where you can catch monsters right now that are all unique. If you love the Pokémon series, then you’ll undoubtedly have fun playing this game today! Enjoy numerous chapters as you begin your journey as a world-class tamer today.

Enjoy encountering different Nexomons and catch different types so you can fight. You can become the greatest tamer ever in this game as you embark on impossible challenges and encounters. Enjoy a truly immersive playing experience right now!

Catch Monsters and Be a Tamer

If you’re an RPG player, you can have fun with so many types of games right now for free. So many games will let you play the main character as you embark on adventures and challenges.

There are so many awesome games to play that will let you encounter unique missions and even characters. If you love the Pokémon series, there are a lot of games that are similar to that which you can enjoy right now. There are so many fantastic RPG games to try, like Nexomon Extinction!

In a nutshell, this game is exactly like the Pokémon series, but it has its unique quirks and features. Here, you can encounter and catch 381 Nexomon as each of them belongs to one of the nine elemental types.

You can then evolve and enjoy the powerful abilities of the Nexomon monsters that you can get here. You’re also able to have fun with different chapters as you face more formidable opponents here.

In this game, you can roam around and explore the vast world and everything it has to offer! Follow the storyline to gain friends and enjoyable items.

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Nexomon Extinction Features

There are so many exciting things that you can watch out for in Nexomon Extinction today!

Exciting RPG

There are tons of fantastic games that will test your skills in fighting and exploring today. These are called RPG games, and there are so many of them available today.

If you like to go on adventures and enjoy the scenery, you can have fun with RPG games today. These games typically feature a unique story that you can embark on as the main character. In Nexomon Extinction, you can have fun with a Pokémon-like game!

This game is similar to one of the most popular RPG franchises of all time, Pokémon. Here, you can collect monsters called Nexomon as there are nine elemental types such as Electric, Normal, Plant, Ghost, Psychic, Wind, Mineral, Water, and Fire.

Here, you can enjoy different monsters like Kolphur, Cubdy, Bloopish, Glimoory, Moltano, Glamoory, Zumble, Branipus, and many more. You can evolve these monsters so you can fight tougher opponents as you venture out into the world. Enjoy embarking on countless quests as you become the greatest tamer ever.

Unique Nexomon to collect

In Nexomon Extinction, you’re able to collect unique Nexomon that you can use to fight others. Here, each one of them belongs to one of nine elemental types. The different categories are Mineral, Plant, Water, Fire, Normal, Ghost, Electric, Psychic, and Wind.

You can enjoy a fun and exciting game where you can collect monsters like Cloddy, Kolphur, Bloopish, Spikus, Pebglem, Heliwurm, Zumble, Branipus, and many more. You can evolve each one of these monsters to reach its full potential!

Diverse regions

In Nexomon Extinction, you can play and enjoy exploring diverse regions today. There are plenty of challenging environments and exciting places that you can go to.

Here, you can freely walk around in a 2D environment as you complete quests and find Nexomon. You can enjoy so many places here that you can explore as you try to become the best tamer there is! Meet new people and embark on exciting journeys together today!

Enjoyable story

Nexomon Extinction lets you enjoy plenty of chapters to play. There are a lot of challenging missions and quests that you can enjoy here. You can play in a lot of chapters as you can go to various areas right now.

Download Nexomon Extinction Mod APK – Unlocked Full Version

If you’re someone who enjoys catching monsters, then Nexomon Extinction Unlimited money is the perfect game that you can play!

What's new

Remember to play the new post-game content!

1. Fixed an issue preventing the completion of the Greater Drake sidequests if the player triggered the Abyssal events.
2. Fixed an issue softlocking players when entering a certain house in Lateria.
3. Added new followers: Atlas, Coco, Lobo, Derek, Ross, Nora, Eliza, Trashman and Ulzar. Each have their own prerequisites.
4. Fixed an issue where releasing an "unique" Nexomon would mark it as uncaught even if the player has duplicates.


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