My Sweet High School Memories Mod APK 2.1.12 (All Premium Choices)

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Aug 7, 2022
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The school is a place of learning and also where we experience a lot of firsts. Here, you’ll experience your first love, first friends, first rebellions and many more. This is because most people go through high school when they’re a teenager and they’re going through a phase. But what if you’ve been tricked into joining an all-girls school? In My Sweet High School Memories, your life will change for the better!

A lot of dating simulation games today are similar in play style but only differs in the story. There’s nothing bad about this especially since you can enjoy different stories and characters. But with this game, you’ll be the only boy in an all-girls school which will present some challenges. School is never easy but it’s become a lot more complicated now that it’s come to this. But things aren’t so bad as you’ll meet different girls and even have a chance at love!

Transfer Schools

Schools exist today to provide education for a lot of people. For many people, almost a third of their life will be spent on studying and attending schools. There are so many things you’ll enjoy in a school such as your first friend, first kiss, and many more. But if you’re suddenly transferring to a new school, then you know things will be difficult. In My Sweet High School Memories, you’ll be the only boy in your class!

Published by Genius Studio Japan, this unique dating simulation game lets you break away from your usual shy self. You can then meet many extraordinary girls here such as Aiko, Kei and Yuzu with whom you can choose to form a lifelong bond with. You will then need to choose your responses carefully here as everything will have its own consequences. Will you be able to bond with the girl you like and be with her at the end?

Each girl here has their own characteristics and agenda. But what’s clear is that they’re all into you! You only need to select one that will be with you.

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My Sweet High School Memories Features

The school is a place for learning and for forging friendships with our classmates. In My Sweet High School Memories, you’ll have the chance to form lifelong bonds!

Enjoyable Dating Sim

The app market is filled with many simulations today that you can enjoy to the limit. In these games, your task is to date people and to follow along the story. But you’ll also be given choices that you can freely select so that the ending will be completely up to you. If you love these games, download My Sweet High School Memories now and enjoy a unique game. Here, you’ll be the only boy in an all-girls high school.

This situation is unprecedented but you must now make the most of your time in the school. Luckily, you’ll meet many wonderful girls including Key, Yuzu and Aiko. Kei is a natural leader but she has a soft side that you’ll be able to see. Then, there’s Yuzu who’s shy and reserved but you will have a common interest with her. Lastly, Aiko excels in academics which can seem intimidating. It’s up to you now to help these girls.

Free Premium Choices

Like most dating simulation games; My Sweet High School Memories allows you to select your own choices. Here, you’ll follow along the story and you’ll need to respond to different situations. This game lets you interact with different characters so you’ll also need to respond. Depending on your response, you can nurture the relationship or you can make it sour. So, it’s important to think deeply before answering so you can get the ending that you want.

Meet the Girls

You’ll meet a lot of girls in this game since it’s set in an all-girls school. But the 3 girls that will stand out the most to you are Kei, Aiko and Yuzu. Each of them has their own thing going and they all look fabulous as well. There’s Yuzu who’s a shy girl that you can’t help but get attached to. Then, there’s Kei who’s a martial artist but also has a soft side to here.

Lastly, Aiko is someone who excels academically but doesn’t have a lot of friends. Will you be able to connect with the girls and to form lifelong bonds?

An Awesome Story and Setting

Although the story and setting of My Sweet High School Memories isn’t original at all, it does have its charms. You’ll enjoy the charming interactions with the characters here as well as the twists!

Download My Sweet High School Memories Mod APK – Latest version

If you want to enjoy high school all over again, download My Sweet High School Memories now and enjoy.

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