My Maid Cafe Romance Mod APK 2.1.10 (Free Premium Choice)

What would you do if you have certain circumstances that requires you to work as a part-timer while still in high school? There’s a huge chance that you will work, right? But how about when the school prohibits any student from working? Will you still continue? In My Maid Cafe Romance, this is the situation you’re in!

But the story doesn’t just end there. Here, you’ll accidentally see 3 girls one day who are all working at a maid café! One of them is your friend so you decided to help them keep their secrets as you’re also one of them. Then, your paths will cross a lot starting now and you’ll find out that they each have a charm unique to them seeing them work.

Download My Maid Cafe Romance Mod APK – Latest version

What will you do when you see your 3 girl classmates working in a maid café? Download My Maid Cafe Romance and make your choices!

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