My Fairytale Girlfriend Mod APK 2.0.15 (Free Premium Choices)

Many people are drawn into fantasies and fairy tales since they feature unrealistic romances and visually stunning characters. Do you love those too? If you do, then it might not be a bad idea to involve yourself with fairytales, right? In My Fairytale Girlfriend, you have a choice as to what ending you’d like it to be.

You will no longer watch on the sidelines with this game. Here, you’ll accidentally summon 3 magical girls that came from otherworldly dimension. They are seemingly familiar because they’re based from popular fairy tale characters from Disney! Here you’ll meet Rapunzel, Snow and Little Red. Your world will turn upside down and you’ll have many encounters with these beautiful ladies. But at the end, you’ll only have one girl you can be with! Who would you choose?

Download My Fairytale Girlfriend Mod APK – Latest version

Interested in meeting fairytale princesses? Download My Fairytale Girlfriend now and make your choice.

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