My Crazy High School Romcom Mod APK 3.0.22 (Free Premium Choices)

Love watching anime? How about reading manga? If you do, it wouldn’t take long before you get hooked in this game! My Crazy High School Romcom Mod APK gives you just the right mix of those two. Ready to see how this story unfolds?

This game takes you back to your High School days when most conversations revolve around dating and romance. My Crazy High School Romcom is similar to other story-based games but offers a lot more. You will be taken to different scenarios and be faced with various situations. Think you can manage?

Amazing Graphics

If you’re into anime and manga, the graphics of this game greatly resembles this. Unlike other games, this doesn’t have constantly moving characters. However, even though this has simple graphics, don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s any inferior.

Less animated, 2D games usually have this connotation that they’re too bare and less interesting. The thing is, that’s not the case in this game. As this is a story-based text game, expect that you’re going to read a lot. Plus, given the limited screen size of your phone, it’s amazing how the graphics of this game is able to portray different emotions.

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