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We’re seeing a lot of simulation games today that are being played a lot. There are so many of them available now that it’s hard to choose one to play.
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We’re seeing a lot of simulation games today that are being played a lot. There are so many of them available now that it’s hard to choose one to play. There are available simulation games in many genres like shooting, racing, casual, and many more. But there are also unique and fun simulation games like March to a Million Mod APK.

which lets you run and manage a talent agency! There are a lot of things to do when you own an agency! In this game from Kairosoft, your job is to manage a talent agency today! There are tons of talented people you can hire here, such as dancers, singers, idols, and many more.

If you’re familiar with the K-Pop industry, then you’ll instantly know how this game works as it’s similar to that. Here, you’re able to hire talented people and debut them. Then you can train them further and hold concerts all over the world!

Produce Idols in March to a Million APK

If you’re familiar with the entertainment industry, you know that there are so many artists, singers, dancers, and idols worldwide today. We’re seeing more of them now, especially since the K-Pop industry has been steadily booming over the past years.

There have been a lot of groups and individual idols worldwide that are crazy about Korean Pop. So, if you want to run your talent agency, March to a Million is the game to play!

This game allows you to start a management agency that will handle a lot of musicians and talents. Here, you’ll begin to small as you’re just starting, so you’ll need to hire many talented people such as singers, dancers, and idols. Here, you can scout the local area for gifted people and hire people for your agency.

You can level up your talents by continually training them in their craft. You can then raise their popularity by interacting with fans and holding concerts. Produce many talented artists here now!

The success of your agency lies in your decision-making skills!

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March to a Million Mod APK

Highlights of March to a Million

Many things go on in a talent management agency. In March to a Million, you’ll be tasked to perform the role of a manager.

Talent Agency Simulation

We’re seeing many people in the entertainment industry today that are achieving their dreams. Many bands, singers, dancers, actors, and idols today worldwide that we idolize, watch, and listen to.

So, if you’re curious as to what it’s like to run a talent agency, then you can do that in March to a Million! This is a game that will test your management skills today.

Here, you’ll be able to scout for talented people and hire those you think have the potential to be famous. Here, you can train your talents in their fields as you can select what path they’re going to take, such as a singer, dancer, idol, and super idol.

You can then train your artists so that you can raise their level constantly. You can then create music, hold concerts, interact with fans and produce so many great things! There is a lot to do in this management game.

March to a Million Mod APK

Hire talented people

Running a talent agency isn’t as easy as most people think. There are a lot of things to consider, especially when looking for talented people. In March to a Million, you can scout the local area and tell people that you’re looking for talents.

Then, you can accept talented artists that you know will perform well. Some so many people are willing to become an artist, but it’s up to you whether or not you’ll give them that chance.

Train your artists

In this game, you’ll be in charge of many things, such as training your artists. Here, you can select the path a talent will take, such as a Talented Singer, Genius Dancer, Folk Idol, and Super Idol!

Then, you can manage your artists as you’ll be in charge of their training, bookings, songwriting, concert and many more. Each artist will have unique needs, so you need to take these into account.

Hold concerts, sell merchandise, produce music

In this game, you’ll be doing many things to market your talents. You can hold concerts, sell merchandise, create music, and many more.

You’re in charge of everything here, so make sure that your artists are well motivated too.

Download March to a Million Mod APK – Unlimited All

Enjoy a fun game where you can manage your talent agency now with March to a Million! Hire talented artists now.

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Now available in English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean and Thai!


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