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Surfing for makeover games? Or looking for makeup games for girls and teens? Makeover Run – Makeup Game is a beauty game where you need to run and deal with challenges, avoid Popular Girls and choose necessary clothes to complete the level. If you succeed, your boyfriend will meet you and give a kiss.
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Oct 16, 2022
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A lot of women today use make up and dress up whenever they go outside. Fashion has become more prominent today than it has been decades or centuries ago thanks to social media. Now, you can literally dress up in millions of combinations and makeups. With Makeover Run, you can enjoy a unique obstacle game where you can completely change the way you look! You’ll start as a messy and gross-looking woman and then transform into someone amazing.

There are so many things you can do today to make yourself more presentable. You can put on makeup, you can adjust your shoes, you can put on new clothes and more. In this game, you’ll start with the worst situation where you don’t have decent clothes and you stink. But as you go through the course, you can pick up various items like hair, clothes, diamonds, keys, pants, and many more! But be careful of other obstacles that will turn you back into a homeless-looking person.

Transform Instantly

Do you have an innate love for all things fashion? There are so many fashion vloggers, influencers, bloggers and icons today in the world. There are many more brands today that consistently churn out unique clothes and items that people would buy. Because of this, we’ve become more fashionable these days and people care for their looks than they did back then. So, if you love racing and fashion, you’ll enjoy a unique game called Makeover Run.

Here, you’ll need to walk through an obstacle course and start off as a homeless-looking person. As you go through the course, you’ll find many fun clothing items and hairstyles that can transform your look instantly. As you avoid dirty clothes and go to the end, you’ll then meet the man of your dreams and kiss. In this fun game, you get to unlock many types of clothes, accessories, special outfits and boys! Unlock them all by getting as many hearts and diamonds today.

There are so many fun levels to go through in here and you need to be at your best form at the end. Can you take on the challenge of a total makeover?

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Makeover Run Features

If you love fashion, then there are plenty of games to play. But Makeover Run is a unique breed that you can enjoy right now.

Total Transformation

Fashion is known all over the world since all people today need to dress. Each person has a unique fashion sense and style that they utilize on their daily routine. But regardless of your style, if you love fashion, then you enjoy games that involve clothes. In Makeover Run, the highlight of this game is fashion and you need to transform a girl into her best self. Here, she’ll start off by looking like a homeless person but you can gradually change her.

She’ll then walk on the course which contains many different clothing items and obstacles. You need to make a decision as to what you need to pick up as there are some amazing outfits as well as some disgusting ones. At the end of the course, you’ll then face a boy and if you look good, you’ll earn some hearts. In this game, you can also unlock some new shirts, accessories and more items.

Exciting Outfits

In Makeover Run, you can unlock quite a lot of clothing items. There are different ones for the top, bottom, shoes, accessories and many more. Here, there are different types of shoes such as high heels, sneakers, and more. Then, the accessories include bags, flowers, crowns, hats and many more. For the tops, you can unlock unique shirts with sleeves and those without sleeves. Lastly, there are different bottoms here such as skirts, pants, and more.

Unlock Special Outfits

There are also plenty of unlockable special outfits here which are a total package. There’s the Cinderella dress, the Wonder woman one, the Elsa costume, the Cat woman and many more. Each of these can be unlocked and you can pick them up in the game today! Enjoy unlocking every single one today.

Get Boys

At the end of each course, you can kiss a boy that’s waiting for you. Here, you can unlock different boys with different outfits today. There’s a blonde one, a black-haired guy, and many more! The type of boy you unlock is completely up to your choice today.

Many Levels to Play

There are many fun levels you can play in Makeover Run. Here, each level is unique and presents unique challenges. You must hurdle through them to get your prize.

Download Makeover Run Mod APK – latest version

If you love fashion, then this game is a no brainer! Enjoy transforming your character today in Makeover Run.

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Come celebrate Halloween with Makeover Run Halloween event! - Spooky new looks to unlock! - New scary levels! - More amazing prizes!



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