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If you want to enjoy your downtime, there are plenty of books you can read nowadays. But even books have found themselves online today as there are now e-books!
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If you want to enjoy your downtime, there are plenty of books you can read nowadays. But even books have found themselves online today as there are now e-books! So, how can you enjoy books even more – the answer is novel-based games. There are plenty of novel-based game available but Lux City of Secrets is one of the best ones as it’s the third book in The Ever tree Saga. In this incredible game.

You will play a 438,000 novel game full of actions and secrets. Enjoy a different type of game published by Hosted Games which features you as the main character. In this novel-based game written by Thom Baylay, you can expect a lot of adventures waiting for you today.

This game lets you protect the mayor of Lux who believes that there’s someone out there that wants to kill him. In this game Lux City of Secrets Mod APK, you can enjoy making your own choices which will decide where the story will go and how you will form relationships.

Lux City of Secrets Mod APK

Entirely Text-Based

In the age of modern games, there are a lot of high-quality games that you can enjoy today. In this day and age, you can play a game with the best graphics even on mobile thanks to technology. But sometimes, we can’t help but look for unique games that doesn’t just rely on graphics alone. The solution would be to play a game called Lux City of Secrets which is a text-based game.

This game Lux City of Secrets APK features a 438,000-novel written by Thom Baylay. In this game, you can enjoy making your own choices and going along in the adventure and story! There are plenty of fun characters you’ll meet and you can explore various parts of the city in there. You can also pursue a career and follow the story wherein you’ll need to protect the mayor from an oncoming threat to his life.

You will also need to meet with friends, go to work and face many challenges along the way. There are plenty of secrets to uncover in this game. Enjoy playing as a male or female and carve out your own story today.

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Lux City of Secrets Mod APK Features

There are many fun novels you can read today. But there’s nothing more fun than experiencing the novel itself and influencing the story!

Enjoy a Novel-Based Game

When it comes to novels, there are many people today that are still reading them. Even the best movies and shows today were adapted from novels such as Forrest Gump, Game of Thrones, Little Women and many more. As you can see, nothing can beat novels as today, they’re being adapted into mobile games as well. Lux City of Secrets is a novel-based game.

Where you can enjoy the 438,000-word novel written by Thome Baylay. This game contains a lot of stories and side quests for you to enjoy today! Unlike your typical game, this one doesn’t have any picture, video or sound at all! The game relies on your vivid imagination to make it interesting.

But the good thing here is that the story is immersive and you’re in charge of making your own decisions. Moreover, you’ll meet many colorful characters and embark on an epic journey today. Feel free to select your own career path and build your reputation!

Lux City of Secrets Mod APK

Immense Story

In this game Lux City of Secrets Mod, there are a lot of texts to go through which will give you a sense of enjoyment. Instead of just reading a book, you can enjoy a story today where you will need to protect the mayor of Lux from an impending assassination.

Aside from that, you’re free to select your own career path and you can choose to live a life of honesty or a life of crime here. No one can stop you from choosing what you want to do in your life here but there are plenty of consequences as well.

Meet Many Characters

You’ll meet many characters in Lux City of Secrets. Here, you will reunite with old friends and enemies and build new relationships as you start anew here. There are a lot of new people to meet and secrets to uncover in this exciting novel game. The best thing about this game is that you can stick to the plan or go to plenty of side stories today.

Make your choices

What makes this game different from just reading a novel. Here, you can make your own choices as the game will prompt you to every now and then. Your choices will affect the story and your relationship to people in the game!

Customize your experience

In this game, you’ll enjoy a fully customized experience wherein you can play as a male, female or a non-binary.

Download Lux City of Secrets Mod APK – latest version

Enjoy the best novel experience ever with Lux City of Secrets! Make your own choices and create your own story.


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