Little Ant Colony Mod APK 3.4.1 (Free upgrade, no ads)

There are estimated over 1 quadrillion ant all over the world! These include over 12,000 species scattered across different parts of the globe right now. Even though ants are tiny animals, they are the most hardworking ones. For that reason, you may have been curious as to what it’s like to live like them, right? In Little Ant Colony, you can now experience it!

This casual idle game lets you live life as ants. Collect food scattered on the ground and increase the number of your ant colony. This is a fun game that perfectly imitates the behaviors and the life of ants. You can increase the food storage unit, grow ants and increase their powers. Aside from that, there are numerous food available and skins to try.

Little Ant Colony Mod APK – Free upgrade, no ads

Grow your ant colony today in Little Ant Colony! Enjoy collecting food, items and more.

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