Kingdom Rush Frontiers Mod APK 5.6.14 (All heroes unlocked)

The tower defense genre is a rare breed but it’s still going strong today. Various games are attempting to make the genre more mainstream in the age where battle royale, racing and other genres rule. But despite that, a lot of games are providing incredibly fun gameplays and introducing new elements to their games. One such game is Kingdom Rush Frontiers which is an award-winning hit game from Ironhide Games. This tower defense game allows you to defend your lands against all kinds of monsters.

Here, you’ll fight against plenty of different monsters such as man-eating plants and ghastly denizens of the underworld plus plenty of dragons. There are plenty of tower abilities that you can enjoy today such as clouds, assassins, Death Riders and many more. There are many tower upgrades that you can enjoy here from the Crossbow Forts to the Necromancers and even Mighty Templars. You’ll enjoy a unique upgrade system and you can even recruit heroes to train!

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