Home Quest – Idle Adventure Mod APK 2.1.9 (Gold edition)

This week’s Game of the Week is Home Quest – Idle Adventure! In this fun simulator game, you will need to manage various homes and farms for countless citizens. Gather resources, provide jobs and other responsibilities for your people, and conquer lands with your own army.

So, download Home Quest Idle Adventure for Android now to begin your conquest of many lands and expand your community. You’ll have an outstanding and unforgettable experience all throughout your gameplay.

Various Aspects of Home Quest Idle Adventure

Build a Town for Scratch: First, is the ability to create and develop your own town from the ground up. You will need to put your blood and sweat into this project if you wish for it to truly flourish. That being said, there are many different aspects which needs to be manages. These will include farms, military facilities, homes, and workplaces for all of your citizens.

Deploy Your Army:

Next, you’ll need to recruit your own units and organize them to defend your own land. Additionally, it’s up to you to conquer other lands to claim as your own. This is the best

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