Haydos 380 Mod APK 0.3.2 (Unlimited money)

Experience Cricket like never before! Get ready to play as the Australia Legend Matthew Hayden himself and play all the different modes in the game. Haydos 380 is the most advanced next-generation 3D cricket game with real cricket simulation experience. The game has full-fledged commentary from Australian Cricket Legend Matthew Hayden which brings more excitement to the users.
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There are many sports-related games available that you can play now. If you’re someone who enjoys sports, then you can find many different games today. There are badminton, volleyball, basketball, tennis, wrestling, cricket, and more games.

With cricket, you can enjoy many well-curated games that capture the sport. But nothing is more advanced than Haydos 380, which lets you play as Matthew Hayden himself.

In this game, you’ll enjoy playing the astounding career of the legendary Australian cricket player. Here, you can do the Quest Challenges, where you can play as Haydos as you complete them. You’ll have different quests to complete in various difficulties as you receive rewards by unlocking new stages.

Feel free to join in on the tournaments, such as T20 World Cup, World Cup, Premiere League, and Aussie Big League Cricket. You can enjoy advanced graphics, animation, and unique gameplay in this game. Enjoy it now!

Realistic Cricket

If you’re looking for a game that will help you fundamentally, sports are usually a good place to start. Even though there are so many, you can still select many interesting ones today. There are so many sports games to choose from, and cricket is one of the best genres out there.

If you’re a cricket nut, then you’ll delight with a lot of games under this genre. You can find many, but if you’re fixated on a unique experience, you can download Haydos 380! This game lets you play as Matthew Hayden!

This game challenges you to beat the legend’s 380 runs or more. Here, you can play as Haydos himself or create an entirely different avatar today. You can enjoy the commentary made by the legend himself to complete this experience.

Here, you can enjoy Quest Challenges which challenges you with specific tasks that you can complete. You can join Tournaments, such as the World Cup, Premier League, Aussie Big League Cricket, and more.

In this game, there are more than 60+ batting shots, 500+ animations, and a whole lot of fun!

If you like the above game you would also love to try Baseball Superstars Mod Apk and you can also download it from play store. Moreover, for more sports game check out Baseball Star Mod Apk.

Haydos 380 Highlights

If you’re in for a fun game, then you shouldn’t miss Haydos 380 today! This is the ultimate cricket game for fans.

Play as Hayden

If you’re someone who enjoys sports games a lot, then you can find tons of them today. There are numerous sports games available in different sports like volleyball, basketball, tennis, etc. You can usually find the perfect game to play within seconds of searching for that sport.

But if you’re here for a unique experience, then you can download Haydos 380 for free! This one lets you play as Matthew Hayden, who’s a legend in the sport of cricket.

This game is so interesting that you can play as Matthew or create your avatar. Then, you can play while Hayden himself comments on the game so you can get that authentic feeling. This game challenges you to complete Quests which represents incredible moments in your career of Hayden.

You’ll be able to have the chance to perform the same feats in the game. You can also participate in tournaments like Hayden, such as T20 World Cup, Aussie Big League Cricket, World Cup, etc.

Enjoy unique modes

In this fantastic cricket game, you can enjoy unique modes today. First, there’s the 380 Challenge which is the culmination of the 380 runs that Hayden has made in his career.

Here, you can play as either Hayden or your avatar as you try to beat that record. You’ll enjoy a fun game where you can take up the challenge and make it your career. There are many exciting things to do here in this game.

Then, there are the Quest Challenges, where you can complete quests and get rewards. You can also join in tournaments as you play with a team here in Premier League, World Cup, T20 World Cup, and more.

Advanced gameplay

This game is different from other cricket ones because it’s an advanced game. The AI has been created such that you’ll need to be strategic and skilled to beat the opponents.

Scoring straight points would be difficult if you don’t have a strategy in this game. Every match is a serious one that will test your cricket knowledge and skills!


In the 380 Challenge mode, a leaderboard ranks all players worldwide. You can participate in the mode so you can show off your skills to the world and win prizes!

Download Haydos 380 Mod APK – Unlimited money

If you’re looking for a great cricket game to try, make sure to download Haydos 380 today and take up the challenge!

What's new

All New Cricket Game featuring Aussie Legend Matthew Hayden!
- Huge Rent Drop on Tournaments!!!
- Captain Change on Playing XI
- Play World's Biggest Cricket Challenge!
- Bug Fixes and Gameplay Improvements


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