Greedy Cats Mod APK 1.7.1 (Free upgrade)

Eating is something that all humans instinctively do on a daily basis. We can’t live without food for very long periods of time or even a day. Aside from that, cats are one of the most popular and cutest pets in the world. Combine the two and you have Greedy Cats which is a kitty clicker game. This game allows you to eat food as a cat and compete in a variety of competitions

Eat a variety of food such as cakes, burgers, and show off your skills. In this game, the goal is to out-eat every cat there is so you need to be a fast clicker. You will need to face against different cats in a variety of challenges. But you can also select different outfits, cats, and even invite your friends. Become the ultimate cat muncher now!

Download Greedy Cats Mod APK – Free upgrade

Can you out-eat all the other cats in the area? Prove your skills now in Greedy Cats!

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