Erase Her Mod APK 1.3.4 (Unlimited money)

In today’s gaming world, we see a lot of puzzle games made left and right. They’re fun, intuitive and a great way to pass the time. There are also many types of puzzle games that you can play today such as board games, casual games, and story-based games. In Erase Her, you’ll be enjoying a story-based one that lets you erase things in order to proceed. Enjoy erasing various objects now using your magic eraser.

So, what’s so fun about a puzzle game that features erasers? First of all, this isn’t just a simple puzzle game as there’s a story in this. The developers were aware that puzzle games today will be more engaging if there’s a story involved. In Erase Her, you’ll face plenty of drama, action and fun scenes while solving puzzles!

Download Erase Her Mod APK – Unlimited money

Solve complicated puzzles with your eraser now in Erase Her! Enjoy the interactive story puzzle.

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