Earth Protect Squad Mod APK 2.41.64 (Unlock armory)

We’ve seen a lot of survival and shooting games over the past years. These includes zombie games and normal shooting games. But what if there suddenly was an invasion from an extraterrestrial race into Earth? What if their spaceships suddenly appeared? In Earth Protect Squad, your mission is to protect the planet from these strange outer space creatures! Use any weapons at your disposal to get rid of them.

However, these creatures are stronger than average humans as they can’t be killed by a single bullet. You must spray your weapons at them repeatedly and they come in large numbers. Play the game solo or online now to do a bunch of missions together. There are a lot of guns you can buy in the game and other items that would be of help such as grenades, drones and more. But there are also a lot of locations and enemies that you’ll need to fight so you need to be careful!

Earth Protect Squad Mod APK – Unlock armory

Are you ready to smash some aliens? Download Earth Protect Squad now and do your best to protect Earth!

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