Dr. Driving 2 Mod APK 1.52 (All cars unlocked, unlimited money)

A lot of people love cars. For some they are just a hunk of tin that allows them to get from one place to another but for others – it’s much more than that. There’s just something so satisfying about driving that it has spawned many movies, shows and even games revolving around it.

Dr. Driving 2 is the second installment to the hit simulation game of the same name. Created by SUD Inc., the game has garnered over 50 million downloads in Google Play Store and tons more outside of it! But what separates this game from other racing games? First of all, this is mainly a simulation game where you can drive just like you would in real life. But aside from that, there’s an online multiplayer mode where you can ride against your friends!

What is Dr. Driving 2?

The simulation genre is riddled with games of all types and sizes. But the most common type seems to be driving. The early simulation games featured driving since it’s something that a lot of people want to play and care about. But even today, their popularity hasn’t vanished.

In fact, successful ones such as Dr. Driving 2 is already a second installment! Here, you get to learn to drive around the city effortlessly. Enjoy cruising and following the traffic signals and learn how to properly drive and park. But in this game, there are plenty of cars to choose from and drive. Aside from that, there’s an online multiplayer mode now where

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