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Not all simulation games get it right as some of them tend to become boring and predictable halfway through the story. That’s something you’ll never experience with Death School APK!
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Not all simulation games get it right as some of them tend to become boring and predictable halfway through the story. That’s something you’ll never experience with Death School APK!

This game is full of surprises and you’ll never guess how it ends even though you’re the one making the choices. That’s how good its story is!

You’ll be part of a well-written plot filled with mysteries and the right amount of romance to balance out the horror and suspenseful narratives. However, don’t get caught too much in the fun and scary moments in Death School.

You need a clear head when making those choices. Your decisions are what will save you and your friends in a trap created by deadly evil forces.

Horror-Romance Simulation with a Perfectly Balanced Story

Death School is described as a bishoujo game, which is only fitting given the cute anime girls it has. You can also count it as a slice-of-life anime game where you’ll be playing as a high school student. Soon, you’ll be trapped in your haunted school while your relationships with the girls you’re trapped with develop.

Prepare to go through the usual daily experiences of a high school student. You’ll mingle with your classmates, meet with your book club, fall in love, and so on. All that happens while this huge mystery unfolds and haunts all of you.

There’s a perfect balance of horror, romance, cute moments, and suspense in Death School APK. The story is very cryptic but it doesn’t beat around the bush. You’ll encounter your first scary scene immediately in Chapter 1, and things will only get scarier and more intense from there.

No-Fuss Gameplay with Thrilling Chapters

You don’t have to worry about too many game controls in Death School. You only have to tap the screen to move on to the next dialogue.

If that still seems like an interruption, you can activate the Auto Play option. To do it, press the home button on the top right corner of the screen. A menu list will appear, then press the Auto Play button to enable it. From the same home menu, you can open the Game Settings and adjust how fast the dialogues will autoplay.

Death School Mod APK

The first chapter alone can play out for more than 40 minutes, which is good because Death School has Story Tickets. You spend a ticket to open a chapter. When you start the game, you’ll be given three free tickets – that’s already plenty of game time with a suspenseful story!

Familiarize yourself with the unique personalities of the main characters. The ultimate horror starts when the four of you are trapped by a mysterious force that you’ll encounter by the end of Chapter 1.

Things will get much more thrilling once you realize that the ghost will stop at nothing to kill you. It’s your job to make the right decisions and lead your friends out of this haunted maze. Be warned! The traps that the evil forces will place are nothing to play with, they’re really out to get you!

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Top-Notch Graphics and Musical Scoring

The excitement in Death School is not just because of its great story. The first time you open the game, you’ll be greeted with an opening sequence that shows the main characters. You’ll easily notice how good that opening music is, so enjoy it!

Once you’re in the game, the next things you’ll notice are the vibrant colors in every scene. The dialogues won’t bore you because the game’s graphics are well-detailed and you’ll feel like you’re watching a very good anime show. The background music is also perfectly curated and timed perfectly that it will give you the creeps!

You’re the 4th Main Character!

The main highlight of the Death School’s plot is its cast. You’ll be introduced to three main characters who go to the same high school and, yes, you’re part of the crew – you’re the fourth main character!

Before starting with Chapter 1, the game will ask you to type in your name. This is how the other characters will address you. Then you’ll meet the three main characters in different scenes:

  • Rei – She’s your childhood friend and class president. You’re closest to her than any other character. She’s a leader and also likes to see things with logic. However, you need to remind her sometimes that there’s nothing wrong with asking for help.
  • Meiko – The mystery and haunted stories start when she transfers to your school. You’ll give her a tour of the school, per Rei’s request, and that’s where things start to get eerie. She’ll always talk about the “darkness,” “negative force,” and see things that you don’t around the school.
  • Natsume – She’s the leader of your literature club. She loves books and she’s popular with the other members of the club.

Best Tips Before Going Into that Trap

You can’t avoid the trap set up by evil forces in your school, so it’s best to learn these helpful tips before you enter the Death School.

There’s no wrong answer:

Yes, this is a narrative simulation game and your choices dictate how the story will play out. However, if at the end of a chapter you feel like you should have gone with other the answers, you can definitely do so!

After every chapter, a menu will pop up and one of the options is “Restart.” You can choose this to go through the entire chapter without spending another Story Ticket. You can also opt for a restart in the middle of a chapter.

Death School Mod APK

Play that Minigame:

In the home menu, you’ll find the Minigame option as well. You can play this to get free points. It’s a slot machine that you have to tap three times to make all the symbols match and win the highest number of points possible. You can because you can later trade these points for Rubies.

Always Pick the Premium Choices:

In certain parts of the game, a special question comes up and one of the two answers is called a Premium Choice. It’s the one with the ruby icon at the end of the phrase/sentence. Rubies are required to opt for the Premium Choice.

It’s always best to choose the Premium Choice because it leads to intimate moments between you and the other characters. You’ll never see these scenes when you choose the ordinary answers. Suffice to say, you’re missing out on a lot of juicy stories and dialogues when you skip on the Premium Choices.

Death School Mod APK – Free Premium Choice

In-game currencies like Rubies don’t replicate fast enough unless you pay for them. It’s completely understandable if you want some advantage and get all the Premium Choices without emptying your pocket.

Lucky for you, there’s a free download of the latest version of Death School APK with the free Premium Choice mod. Get it now and see how this horror-romance story will end!

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