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War games have been really popular ever since then. Players seem to get addicted to these types of games because of how playable it is. These games typically involve a lot of planning and strategy-building so it really challenges players to play more.

Dawn of Titans is one of the most popular war strategy game out there today. With over 5 million downloads in Google Play Store, it has captivated millions with its brilliant gameplay and mechanics. But what exactly separates this game from a sea of war games? Let’s find out! Read on below!

What is Dawn of Titans?

Whether we like it or not, war is a topic that’s been around for ages. We’ve had 2 World Wars in the modern era but countless more before those. People seem to love the thrill of war and the only way to enjoy it without having to sacrifice real lives is through games.

Dawn of Titans is an epic game that does justice to the war genre. Everything you love about war games is here and more! But in this game, you can control colossal titans and thousands of warriors in epic 3D wars. It’s your job to come up with the winning strategy for your army to lead them to victory. Basically, think of yourself as the commander of your army, only you will not join them in battle.

In this game, there are a lot of ways to victory. You can never know the result of a match until everyone’s annihilated in an army. However, this is a strategy game and not just an action one. But in order to be powerful, you’ll need to recruit and train more soldiers, expand your land and strengthen your kingdom.

Overall, the aesthetics, action, and the gameplay all combines for a very enjoyable gaming experience. You can even play against all the best opponents all over the world through the PvP mode! Plus, you don’t have to memorize a complex control scheme, you just command and everything else is automatic! Read on to know more about this game!

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Features of Dawn of Titans

Dawn of Titans isn’t your typical war game. This game is designed to make you use your brain to the fullest! If you’re unconvinced, here are the features of this epic game:

Console-Quality Graphics

Mobile games nowadays are becoming more like console every day. The graphics are top-notch that you would mistake it for a PC or console game just by looking at the promo pictures. That’s the kind of world we live in now and Dawn of Titans isn’t an exception. Every detail in this game is meticulously designed to perfection. The ancient kingdom buildings as well as the characters are realistic as well. You will really feel the thrill of action as you wage wars against other nations.

Easy controls

The controls are another aspect that sets this game apart from the rest. Everything is snappy and quick! Plus, the controls are very simple. You just tap according to what you want to do. Everything else is automatic! You just watch and let your troops do the action. However, before any match, you need to select which of your forces will you put into battle. This is how you’re going to play the game. Like mentioned, this is a strategy game not just an action one.


Aside from the main matches, you’ll never be bored in Dawn of Titans as there are countless events and campaigns! Inside the game, the excitement never ends as you can participate in daily quests, one of a kind campaigns and alliance events that will let you earn a lot of money! This way, you’ll get to experience different scenarios that can help you in real matches!


What’s even better in Dawn of Titans is that you get to fight real people from all over the world! Clash with them in real time and show your war strategy prowess. Dominate the matches and the leaderboards for some sweet rewards. There are thousands of players playing this game every hour so you can participate in countless battles as you wish. Gain experience and confidence by playing against real people so you can improve your strategy and gameplay.


Aside from playing against real people, you also have the option to join alliances! You can invite your friends to play this game with you so you can spark alliances to dominate other kingdoms. You can communicate with them in real time chat so you can formulate strategies as needed. This is a great feature to have as you can also make friends online!

Build your kingdom

In this game, the ultimate goal is to build the ultimate kingdom. You should focus your energy in strengthening your army and training titans! The Titans are powerful men that can instantly annihilate smaller enemies in battle. Having them in your army will allow you to surprise your enemies to make them quiver in fear. Get as many of them as possible so you can build the ultimate kingdom!

Tips for Playing Dawn of Titans

Dawn of Titans isn’t your typical war game. It has more features than others and it could get confuse beginners. But fret not, here are some tips:

Upgrade buildings before castles

In Dawn of Titans, you’d want to upgrade your castles to get more money. However, doing so will match you with people with similar-level castles which makes the match more difficult for you. Instead, you should first upgrade your buildings so you can recruit more people into your army. This will allow you to be fully prepared when it comes to matches.

Maximize your troops

As much as possible, you should lead your armies with the Titans as they have more health. They also allow your troops to gang up on enemies as they are distracted by the Titans. In this game, the key is to have a good strategy and react accordingly.

Dawn of Titans Mod APK – Unlimited resources (not reduce)

Want to play Dawn of Titans but can’t get to the next levels? Download now and annihilate every other kingdom standing in your way!

What's new

The new Epsilon Greek Titans arrive in the Shattered Kingdoms to join their brethren in the greatest battle the realm has ever seen - New Pantheon Collections - Update to the Divine Relic Altars - New Greek Relics with Synergies and Invoke effects - Bug fixes and balance improvements



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