Dadish Mod APK 1.25.0 (No ads)

Dadish is an action game from Thomas K Young, and its content is rated 3+ for everyone. This is a platformer game with a fairly old-fashioned gaming design. However, its gameplay is highly complex and dynamic.

In this game, the main character is radish, and he is the father of many descendants. His kids just got disappeared from the vegetable patch. He is now determined to find all of them, even if it means him going through a lot.

Can you guess how this will go for Radish? You can find out more when you download the game. One of the features you’d like the most in this game is the exciting world it offers. Another feature you’d like is the fast-food themed foes. You can face off with these characters when you play the game.

Dadish Mod Apk Free Download

You can also download the mod apk of this game for free. You can enjoy diverse optimizations when you download the mod apk. Finding the radish babies is also easier with the mod apk compared to the original version.

Download this version now for the best gaming experience on your mobile device.

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