Craft Impostor Mod APK 1.10 (All items unlocked)

Every once and a while, we see some games that suddenly become a global sensation. Minecraft did this but it stayed consistent for years. Last year though, Among Us was the breakout mobile game that became trending. But what if you combine these 2 trending games into 1? Craft Impostor is the result of this combination!

With over a million downloads already, this game is quite popular with Among Us and Minecraft fans. In short, it’s a puzzle game that’s unique but has inspiration from many popular games. The graphics is reminiscent of Minecraft and the gameplay mechanics is off Among Us. Basically, you just need to kill every crewmate and sabotage the shop in this game. But you need to be careful not to get caught! There are also a lot of skins for you to collect.

Craft Impostor Mod APK – All items unlocked, no ads

Craft Impostor is a fun and perplexing puzzle that combines your favorite games such as Minecraft and Among Us into one! Download it for free and enjoy annoying puzzles.

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