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Experience a fun and simple type of shooting game. One where the main point is to carefully think and plan where to go next. Shooting and Puzzle genres have blended together to create a new type of game.
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Experience a fun and simple type of shooting game. One where the main point is to carefully think and plan where to go next. Shooting and Puzzle genres have blended together to create a new type of game. And the end result is something enjoyable and addicting for players of all ages and demographics.

That being said, you too can experience this type of game on your mobile device. Simply download Bullet Rush for Android now.

How to Play Bullet Rush

The game is amazingly easy to play. The main objective is to reach the helicopter landing pad, while at the same time, shooting anything that tries to stop you. Be careful though, if you are touched by a single enemy, it’s game over.

Therefore, the game focuses on you managing your path, while avoiding any enemies or obstacles.

Bullet Rush Mod APK


The controls of Bullet Rush are actually super-easy to handle. In fact, there is only one thing you need to do in order to play the game. What we are referring to is walking. You will only need to control the direction in which your shooter is going. What about the actual shooting part? Well, that’s the sweet thing about it – you don’t need to control the shooting.

The game uses and auto fire function. This means, the character will begin shooting once enemies are within their line of sight. As soon as they’re close enough they will begin to raising hell. Letting go of the screen will unleash a devastating attack in your vicinity.

Take note of the small circle under your shooter’s feet. As you continue moving, this circle will continue to grow in size. As it gradually grows, so does the lethality of your attack. Once you let go of the screen, your character will spin and unleash their ultimate attack. Any enemies within the circle will be blown to oblivion and the circle’s range will reset.

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Other Features

Here are some other features to take note of when you play Bullet Rush for Android. There isn’t much, but enough to keep you playing for a while:

  • Many fun levels that are designed to test your strategic and quick-thinking skills. Each level has obstacles which require some thought before jumping in, guns ablaze.
  • Customize your shooter. There are a few skin options to add a little personality to your gameplay experience. There aren’t many, but you can still have a bit of diversity added.
  • Additionally, you can have a pet accompany you. There are a few options of different pets to tag alongside you on your shooting spree.
Bullet Rush Mod APK


The graphics are very simple and plain. There isn’t anything special about the basic 3D models or the art direction of the game. You get a bird’s eye view of the map during your gameplay. The backgrounds are very simple, with not much thought or detail. In addition, the characters are rendered quite amateur.

All in all, the graphics are nothing to write home about. Thus, it’s better to focus more on the gameplay than the actual visuals of the game themselves.

Bullet Rush Mod APK Free Download

You can download the modified version of the APK for a few added benefits of the game. For one, you will save a lot more data with the difference in file size. This also makes the installation process much faster.

So, download this version if you want to experience the entire game from the very beginning.


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The main conceivable explanation we can believe is that your web association is slow. Attempt to track down another Wireless association and check whether that tackles the issue.

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No! gamesmodapkndroid gives the games as a whole and applications you see here for 100 percent free for everybody. You simply have to pick and download. Consequently, we just believe that you should share the word about us to your kindred game sweethearts!

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