How to Use Instagram Reels – Short Videos

What is Instagram Reels?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media applications currently available. As such, the app is constantly being updated, even today. A new feature which has been added is called Reel.

Here, we will explain everything you’ll ever need to know about Instagram Reels. The details of this article will include what Reels are and how to use Instagram Reels. So, by the end of this video, you will have known all information regarding this new addition to IG.

Explaining Instagram Reels

To begin, let’s talk about what exactly Reels are. Reels for Instagram are a new way to add video content onto your account.

Reels allows you to record multiple clips into one, 15 second video for sharing. As such, you will have the choice to share your video with your followers, by posting it onto your feed. Or, you can go public for everyone to view. For the latter, a new section of the Explore tab on IG has been added to compensate for Reels. Share your videos and expand your network by using IG Reels for any mobile devices.

During the times of the pandemic, and towards the future, this is the best way to share information through social. Express yourself and let everyone you want to understand exactly what’s going on in your social life.

How to Use Instagram Reels

Next, we will explain the easiest way to understand and use Reels for Instagram. Make sure to follow along, even if you will not save or share your videos. The point is to fully grasp this new feature first-hand.

With that said, let’s begin explaining how it works:

First, you can locate Reels on the left side of your mobile screen. Once selected, there will be many different options for editing. We have also listed the various tools to edit your videos…

  • Audio: This option will allow you to add music onto your video. Furthermore, there is already a list of many different songs you can choose, directly from the app. Although, you can also add your own music to add a more personalized touch. Afterwards, when you want to make a new video, you can reselect your previous song choices by going to Use Audio.
  • AR Effects: Instagram has worked with many different creators from all across the globe to make some stunning effects for your videos. You can record multiple video, each with various effects.
  • Timer and Countdown: Like most cameras, you can set a timer before you begin recording. See the countdown of 3, 2, 1 before your video begins shooting. That should be more than enough time to prepare yourself.
  • Align: This option will help to crate seamless and smooth transitions between your videos. This is done through repositioning any objects from a previous recording, in preparation for your next one.
  • Speed: Finally, the last option is the ability to alter the speed of your videos. You can either speed up or slow down all of your recording.

When selecting the video recordings for your Reel, you have three different options to choose from.

First, you can either record multiple clips, one at a time. Later, you will be able to add them al together for your special Reel.

Second, you have the option to make one lone clip. This will be a singular video with not inclusion of any extra clips or multiple parts.

Finally, your last option is to use multiple clips that have already been recorded. Hit your gallery and select whatever videos you want to add onto your Reel editing.

How to Share Reels

So, you’ve completed the creation of your video. So, what next? Well, now you will need to upload your end result to your IG account.

Next, we will explain how to share your Reels onto your account. There are two different ways you can share your results. Each way is for a different reason and they both have their own benefits.

  • If you have a Public Account, you will be able to share your results with the rest of the world in Explore. This way, the entire IG community can discover your work. In the end, this will help to boost your overall popularity.

In addition, there is another benefit if you have a certain song, hashtag, or effect in your video. The benefit is – whenever a user searches for those specific characteristics, they have a higher chance of running into your content.

  • If you have a private account, your Reels will be posted according to your privacy setting on IG. You can have it set up so only your followers will be able to view these videos of yours. Likewise, random users will not be able to search for your Reels, based on the audio or other characteristics.

So, when you’re ready to upload your finished product, you can go to the share screen. Here, you can make any final changes, including adding hashtags, tagging people in your videos, changing the cover image, and adding a caption to explain your work. Once uploaded, it will exist on a different tab on your profile page. You can look back and view your work or edit them at any time by going to your profile and selecting the Reels tab.

Also, regardless of your privacy settings, you can add your finished result to your story. Doing this will have your video follow whatever settings are in place for your story. Just like any other videos in your story, they will disappear after 24 hours.


And, that is just about all you will need to know in order to access, record, and share your own Reels. We hope you have found this guide informational and helpful for your future endeavors. If you ever find yourself lost, you can always look back at how to use Instagram Reels, here.

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