How to Update Instagram – Learn to Stay Up to Date

Introducing Instagram Updates

Assuming that you are a caveman, Instagram is one of the best social media platforms available in the entire world. And to this extent, there will likely be updates that follow with the high demand of content and wave of different rends that are happening.

It’s always best to stay aware of these updates. But, if you aren’t the sharpest tool in the shed, you just might miss out on some of the best updates available for this amazing application for your mobile devices.

That’s why we are here, we will show you how to stay updated on Instagram at all times.

Why Should You Update Instagram?

So, if your application is already running fine, you may ask yourself, “Why would I need to update my Instagram anyways?” Don’t fix what isn’t broken, right? Well, yes, but also no.

Instagram is the type of application that is ever-changing and always adding new features and aspects that come and go with the times. And if you do not keep up with all of this, your profile may end up old and outdated. To this extent, you will lose touch with all of the current trends and top influencers of the application.

Speaking of influencers, you should also keep track of what they are doing at the same time. This will give you an idea of what they are using on their Instagram accounts, what updates they prefer, and how they stay consistent.

In the end, using an older version of Instagram will prevent you from enjoying newer features of the application that come with the times. In addition, your app could even run slower than other versions of IG. That’s not good at all. Also, when a new feature is finally released, you won’t be able to access anything related to it. That is, unless you make the effort and take initiative to update your own Instagram account.

But that’s not all. There are many issues and bugs that show up from time to time. And these updates are also used to fix many of the previous issues and problems found on the application. So, even if there isn’t some super amazing feature being released, you may find yourself free of glitches and bugs of the past with your new update.

There is a huge range of different updates that Instagram goes through. Some of these can be exciting and fun to experience. And others may seem tedious and not so fun. But ultimately, they all serve the same purpose: To ensure the best performance of the application for all of its current and future users.

Regardless of your reason for using Instagram, there is always an incentive to updating your application and staying on track and up to date with the current trends. Whether you are a business owner, a content creator and influencer, or just some average Joe, you aren’t excluded.

Now, let’s go over the different ways that you can update your own Instagram account on various devices. The two main ways would be through iPhone and Android. Then, there are two options of updates: Manual and automatic udpates.

How to Update Instagram on Android

This is an easy process for you to follow along with. Surprisingly, Android is a lot less complicated than most people would think. The current generation likes to hate on Android and ride the Apple bandwagon, but Android is in fact batter than iPhone.

Anyways, here is how to update Instagram on Android:

  • Go to your Google Play application on your Android.
  • Next, you will need to go through the options toolbar that is located on the top left corner of your Google Play screen.
  • Then, select the option that says Apps and Games.
  • From this point, you can go through all of your current apps and games that are available. They will also display what is in need of an update.
  • Finally, locate Instagram and see if it has the Update sign located next to it. If so, then you are applicable for a new update.

Go ahead and update your app begin using all of the new features, or fix all of the old issues and bugs!

How to Auto Update Instagram on Android:

Now, in order to turn on your automatic updates, you can also refer to the Google Play Store. This is so easy, even a blindfolded baby can do it. Just go to your Settings. Then, select on the Auto Update Apps option that is displayed.

BAM! You’ve just added auto updates to your Android device.

How to Update Instagram on iPhone

Next, let’s discuss how to update your application through Apple’s flagship phone. This process is also similar to the Android equivalent. However, you will refer to the Apple App Store, instead of the Google Play Store.

So, let’s get started:

  • First of all, go to your Apple App Store.
  • Then you can tap on the Updates tab that is located towards the bottom right side of your own screen. If you have update that are ready to be installed, there will be a red do on the icon with a number that indicates the number of updates that are openly available.
  • From this point, just look through your own list of apps and find Instagram among them all. Once you find Instagram, select it and get to updating!

See, the process is basically the same on both devices.

How to Auto Update Instagram on iPhone:

Lastly, we will discuss how to automatically update your apps on your iPhone. And of course, this will include Instagram among your list of apps.

Just like before, you will enter your Apple App Store and go towards your Settings. Turn on automatic updates manually and voila!


There really isn’t anything overly complicated when relating to the process of updating your won Instagram on your device.

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