How to Make a Facebook Avatar

Facebook is the largest social media site for many years now. It has over 2.6 billion monthly active users as of 2020! That means that 2/7 people uses it al over the world. That’s how popular this social media is that was launched in 2004. And they are as active as ever. Recently, Facebook announced the new emoji “Care” in response to the pandemic.

But now, a new trend has emerged and Facebook is responsible for this. You may have seen a lot of your friends using these new avatars that look like them. And now, you’re wondering how they did it. If you’re curious, read on below!

What is the Facebook Avatar?

Facebook has always been active in the social media atmosphere. Recently, they introduced a lot of ways for people to communicate even in this crisis. What’s most noticeable is the new emoji called “Care”. Essentially, people can use this to show that they care even if they aren’t around you.

Now, Facebook has introduced a new update for users – avatars. These avatars are similar to Bitmoji vatars and Apple’s Memoji avatars. But where can you use these avatars? You can use these avatar stickers in comments, stories and Messenger! Aside from that, you can also use it to replace your Facebook profile picture.

Lastly, the avatar stickers can also be used in Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram. Overall, they were made to add a bit of spice to the giant social media site. It’s main purpose is to promote individuality and for you to converse in a whole new way.

How to Create Your Own Facebook Avatar

Now that you know what the Facebook avatar is all about, you might be wondering how to create them! We heard you! Here’s a step by step guide on how to do it on Android and iPhone:

  1. Before anything, make sure that your Facebook app is updated to the latest version. To do this, go to Google Play Store/App Store and search for “Facebook“. Then, tap the update button.
  2. Open your Facebook app and tap the hamburger menu which is the three stacked lines. These could be at the lower right corner of the upper right corner. Tap this button.
  3. Scroll down and tap the “See More“.
  4. Select “Next” and then “Get Started“.
  5. Choose your skin tone. This can range from darkest to lightest. There are over 27 options so you can choose which one perfectly suits you. After doing so, tap “Next”.
  6. Next is the hairstyle. Choose which one suits you the best from the variety of options available. There are options for short, medium and long hairs. After you selected your hairstyle, tap the Color icon to select the color.
  7. The next step is on the avatar’s Face. This is where you choose your complexion, face shape and lines!
  8. Next is the “Eye” icon. This is where you’ll customize the eye color, shape and lash length. After this, you can then go to the “Eyebrows” feature and choose your ideal brow shape and color. As a bonus, you can also add glasses.
  9. Then, you’ll select your mouth and nose. Choose which nose shape you want and the lips shape that best describe you. In addition, you can select your lip color and facial hair to make it look more realistic.
  10. The next option is the body shape. After that, you can choose the outfit that you want best. Then, you can choose to add a hat, cat ears or scarf.
  11. Once you’re done, select the check mark icon which is located in the upper right corner. Then, select Next and then Done.

That’s it! You now have your very own Facebook avatar that you can use in!

Why Facebook Avatar isn’t Available?

Sometimes, you can’t see the option to create your own Facebook avatar. When this happens, you should first update your Facebook app to the latest one.

Or you can create your avatar via the messenger app. To do this, open your messenger app > open last message > tap on the smiley face in the comment bar > select stickers > click on the Angry Bird icon. This will open the Avatar creator.


Facebook always does something cool to bring joy to a lot of people. This Facebook Avatar is sure to spice up your conversations as it brings out your individuality than just a normal emoji. If your friend or family is having trouble creating their avatar, just refer them to this guide!

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