How to Download KineMaster Pro for PC

With the rise of social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and even TikTok, people are turning to videos more than ever. According to research, videos typically reach more people in these social media sites which explains their rapid rise in numbers.

With the rise for the need of content comes with the rise for professional videos. In these times, we can’t just post videos without editing it first. That’s why people are looking for more convenient ways to edit videos especially on their phones. KineMaster Pro APK is a video editing app for Android and its popularity has risen over the years. But if you want to edit videos on PC but don’t know how, here’s an article on how to download KineMaster for PC!

What is KineMaster?

As the need for videos rise, the need for a quality video editing app also rises. That’s why developers are constantly creating high-quality video editing apps to cater to the needs of the content creators. Whether you’re looking to use video editing apps as a professional or for personal use, you need something reliable.

KineMaster is a video editing app for Android with over 100 million downloads in Google Play Store! Think of this app as the ultimate video editing app you’ll ever need! It has all the basic features you’d need such as the cut, rotate, layers, sound, voice and more. Then, it has advanced features that will allow you to crate stunning videos with ease!

Best of all, it supports multilayered projects! Now, you can conveniently edit videos on the go without the need for PC or laptop. You no longer have to worry about unprofessional videos especially if you can’t afford a laptop or a video editing software thanks to KineMaster. If you’re curious to know more, read on below.

Features of KineMaster for PC

Although there are tons of video editing apps out there, KineMaster is one of a kind. Here are its features:

Multilayer Editing – The advantage of KineMaster over other apps out there is the ability to have multiple layers at once. If you’re using a video editing software for PC, you know how important it is to have multilayer support. Without it, you can’t add a lot of effects and music to your videos. Most editing apps out there don’t have this feature simply because it’s hard to do. But KineMaster offers it for you!

Instant Preview – Another wonderful feature that KineMaster offers is the ability to instantly preview what you’re editing. We all know that it’s important to see what we edited every so often to ensure that no mistakes have been made. But other video editing apps out there only allow you to preview your videos once you’ve rendered them which is troublesome. But with KineMaster, you can meticulously edit every second of your video to ensure that you’ve accomplished what you wanted to do.

Multi-Track Audio – KineMaster supports multi-track audio. A multi-track recording consists of multiple separate streams of sound without defined locations in a sound field. This feature allows you to create stunning videos that knows no bounds! This allows you to virtually create anything you want to achieve thanks to the innovative features this app has.

Tons of editing controls – In KineMaster, you are given tons of editing controls that range from basic to advanced. The basics include the buttons such as trim, rotate, reverse, add media and more. Then you have the advanced features such as the blending modes, color correction, stickers, special effects, speed control, EQ presets, keyframe animation tool and more! These features allow you to create stunning videos without the need for technical expertise. You just need to edit accordingly and you’ll have beautiful videos in no time!

Share on social media sites – The ability to share directly to your social media accounts is almost a need right now. Thankfully, KineMaster has you covered! Share your videos with a touch of a button!

How to Download KineMaster for PC?

Sometimes even if editing on phones are becoming more and more convenient, PC editing is easier. That said, here’s how you can download KineMaster for PC:

Way #1:

  • The first thing you need to have is an Android emulator. If you don’t know, emulators allow you to display whatever apps you have in your phone to your PC! There are many emulators out there but the most recommended is Bluestacks.

Download and install Bluestacks in your PC

  1. Then, just download KineMaster for PC and wait for it to install completely.
  2. That’s it, you now how KineMaster for PC!

Way #2:

  1. In this way, you should first download Nox Player in your PC.
  2. After downloading, set it up in your PC.
  3. Open the app and search KM APK and download.
  4. Once the download is complete, you can now use KineMaster for PC!

Final Thoughts

As you can see, it isn’t hard to download KineMaster for PC. Having KineMaster installed in our PC allows us to edit videos more precisely and swiftly. It’s the best thing to have if you don’t want to pay for expensive editing software!

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