Billion Builders Mod APK 2.8.20 (Unlimited money)

Simulation games have been popping up like flies lately. This is because tons of people are playing these games like there’s no tomorrow. These games usually focus on a single topic and they provide the most comprehensive and enjoyable gameplay on that. If you’re a fan of these games, then this one’s for you!

Billion Builders is a simulation game developed by Mamboo Games. This one has over 100 thousand downloads in Google Play Store. In this game, you get to ride in a train to build your very own city! Stop the train so your workers can get to work immediately and build a house for you! This is an idle game so you don’t need to manually build the houses yourself!

Billion Builders Mod APK – Unlimited money

Billion Builders is an awesome and unique game that allows you to build your ultimate city! Download the unlimited money mod now!

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