Bad Piggies Mod APK 2.4.3211 (Unlimited items)

Help the piggies reach their goal! Download Bad Piggies APK for Android to help the piggies reach their goal without blowing their insane makeshift vehicle to bits. This is a seriously fun and addictive game that was voted IGN’s Best Mobile Game of 2012. Ever after all these years, it’s still one of our all-time favorites.

If you’re looking for pure entertainment and the chance to craft some utterly senseless rafts and vehicles that will outright defy the laws of physics, then this is most certainly the game for you. Help these crazy piggies to reach their desired goal in the vehicles. These are some lazy piggies – they don’t want to walk anywhere – so help them to reach the goal over valleys, mountains, rivers, and traps.

Build crazy contraptions that will help the piggies get to the eggs – and be prepared to watch them crash and burn a lot. There isn’t just one way to complete the mission, and you’ll usually have to attempt each one several times before completing the objectives in full. This is truly the day that pigs can fly.

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